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Cells, data and publications - the legacy of ADAPTED

The ADAPTED project comes to a close today, 30th September. After four years of hard work, the ADAPTED team has created a legacy of cells, data and publications for the wider Alzheimer's disease research community.


Three sets of isogenic iPSC lines developed by the ADAPTED APOE models team are available for researchers to purchase through the European Bank for Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (EBiSC).

These lines have been developed by the reprogramming and editing of a single source of dermal fibroblasts to create individual lines with one of the APOE genotypes: APOE ε2/ε2, APOE ε3/ε3, APOE ε3/ε4, APOE ε4/ε4 or knock-out controls. For more information or to purchase these cells (ref: BIONi010C, BIONI037A and UKBi011A) please consult the EBiSC catalogue.

ADAPTED would like to thank EBiSC and Bioneer for all their work and support in making these cell lines available.


ADAPTED has amassed a large quantity of data. Our data team have carried out an integrative analysis aimed at combining information derived from publicly available multi-omics studies on Alzheimer’s disease with ADAPTED isogenic iPSCs towards the major goal of unravelling the role of APOE in the development of Alzheimer’s. This study integrates genome-wide association study (GWAS) data from 39,186 human genomes, 2,338 transcriptomes, and 2,365 proteomes from AD cases and controls, as well as transcriptomics from iPSC derived neurons, macrophages and microglia carrying the diverse APOE haplotypes mentioned above.

These data will be made available for the use of the scientific community through European repositories after our findings have been published in open peer-review journals.


To date ADAPTED has published 7 peer-reviewed scientific papers, on various findings related to the study of APOE. For more details see our publications page.

Two more manuscripts are at the point of being submitted for peer review, and a further 16 manuscripts are in preparation.

Check back here in the next few months for further updates on ADAPTED data and publications!

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