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ADAPTED to hold Featured Research Session at AAIC 2020!

We are delighted to say we have been invited to hold a Featured Research session at the upcoming AAIC 2020 virtual conference to present the final outcomes of the ADAPTED project.

Our session entitled 'The ADAPTED project results' will be chaired by ADAPTED Project Co-ordinator Dr Agustín Ruiz (Fundacio ACE) and ADAPTED Project Leader Dr Margot Bakker (AbbVie).

We will feature presentations by ADAPTED researchers on the topics of:

'Can OMICS data help us to understand the mechanism of APOE?' Dr Maria Saéz (CAEBi)

'Modelling AD – relevant pathophysiology in neurons, astrocytes and microglia'' Dr Alfredo Cabrera (Janssen)

'Characterization of transcriptional and proteomics changes in brain cells reveals cell type and genotype specific mechanisms modified by APOE' Dr Janina Ried (AbbVie)

'Cross-omics studies of the role of APOE in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia'' Prof Cornelia van Duijn (EMC/Oxford University)

We will also have seven posters with further data on various topics detailing the advances the ADAPTED project has made on elucidating the role that APOE plays in the development of Alzheimer's disease.

We are very much looking forward to the congress and presenting our results and posters in an innovative, virtual way!

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