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Collaboration kick-starts at NEURONET first Scientific Coordination Board

The ADAPTED project's scientific leader, Margot Bakker of AbbVie Deutschland, attended the first NEURONET Scientific Coordination Board on Tuesday 2nd July in Madrid, Spain.

The meeting brought together the scientific leadership of the Innovative Medicine Initiative's (IMI) Neurodegeneration (ND) portfolio with the goal of kick-starting a collaboration to identify strategies, synergies and to improve the impact of the groundbreaking work being done by projects in fields such as Alzheimer's disease research and Parkinson's disease research.

Margot represented ADAPTED, highlighting that the project can offer its extremely high quality data sets to increase synergies between different ND projects which could potentially facilitate future breakthroughs in Alzheimer's disease research.

NEURONET is an IMI funded project which aims to establish a platform to enable collaboration across the IMI ND portfolio by assisting in identifying gaps, multiplying the portfolio’s impact, and enhancing its visibility with related initiatives in Europe and worldwide.

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