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Happy New Year from ADAPTED!

ADAPTED had an exciting year in 2018, with one full set of iPSC lines being generated and extensive QC of the lines providing us with new insights into required standards for gene-editing of iPSCs. Our bioinformatics team have also made great progress, with one of our young researchers from CAEBi, Laura Madrid presenting her poster on "Candidate genes and pathways from ADAPTED stage 1 integrative analyses" at IMI's 10th Anniversary Scientific Symposium.

Our consortium travelled to conferences across the globe presenting our research in 2018. At the AAIC in Chicago, the world's largest forum for sharing research with the dementia research community, we presented on the development of cell models and results from initial analyses of clinical samples.

We've also been increasing our number of scientific papers published and been more connected to our social media network, building a following on Twitter, LinkedIn and Research Gate.

Entering the final year of the project, we are now focusing on our achievements and what meaningful results we can share with the wider AD research community.

Speaking to key members of the consortium, Project Leader Margot Bakker (AbbVie) stated "This is the time to harvest what we have [in ADAPTED]."

Project Coordinator Agustín Ruiz (Fundació ACE) said this of ADAPTED's potential: "[ADAPTED's] achievement will open new hope to develop innovative drug pipelines based on human cells for combating one of the most prominent risk factors linked to Alzheimer's disease."

We are looking forward to this busy year of continued collaboration and discovery. Wish you all happy and successful New Year!

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